5 Must Have Accessories For Airline Travel

5 Must Have Accessories For Airline Travel

As more people begin to invest in travel experiences instead of traditional expenditures, airline travel accessories have increased in popularity. So, we rounded up our five necessary accessories to enhance your airport style - without sacrificing practicality and comfort.


Getting a good night’s rest is almost impossible once you’re 15,000 feet up in the air. While most flight stewards will offer a pillow, they are usually cheap and low quality. That’s why you need to have your own set of pillows.

Trtl Pillow - Scientifically Proven Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow

Travel pillows come in two different types. Inflatable and Non-Inflatable pillows. Inflatable pillows can expand to large sizes. However, they don’t provide a sufficient amount of neck support in comparison to non-inflatable pillows.

When looking for noninflatable pillows, you have to consider your mode of travel. For instance, most airlines give strict guidelines on what passengers can carry on their flight. A large pillow might not pass their regulations. When traveling via car, the size of your pillow might not matter as much.

Here is a table demonstrating the pros and cons of inflatable and non-inflatable pillows:

Travel Pillow Type - Non-Inflatable


  • Available in multiple shapes
  • Provides good neck support


  • Heavy
  • Takes more space and hard to clean

Travel Pillow Type - Inflatable


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Clean
  • Takes up less room


  • Less durability
  • Doesn’t provide good support
  • Noise Cancellation Headphones

Noise Cancellation Headphones

You need to invest in a quality pair of noise cancellation headphones. They assist users in listening to music without distracting the other passengers.

Noise Cancellation Headphones work by using digital signal processing (DSP) technology which cancels out ambient noise from the sound waves. On average, they remove sounds that are up to 10-20 decibels.

Most high-quality models will handle ambient noise (such as jet engines, conversation, air conditioning units). But they are unable to mute quick and loud sounds (door slamming and shouting). Thus, check which noise cancellation headphones will give you the most utility before taking your next flight.

Eye Pillows

If you need extra support when sleeping on a plane, then you should consider getting eye pillows. Eye pillows were designed to relax and soothe user’s tired eyes and are usually inexpensive.

Eye Pillows for plane travel.

Also, eye pillows enhance your immune system. Specifically, it helps your vagus nerve regulate digestion and heart rate, regulates your moods, and increases your long-term stress resistance. Keep a pair of eye pillows to help you relax, sleep better, and keep you calm on your next flight.

Mobile Charger

When traveling regularly, you’ll notice that your phone, laptop, tablet, or other mobile gear will run out of juice. That’s why mobile chargers are an essential accessory to pack in your carry-on bag.

Mobile Chargers provide the benefit of extending the runtime of your devices without having to find an AC outlet. And, it saves your laptop’s energy by directing its power to the USB. Make sure that your mobile charger is compatible with your iPhone or Android for it to work properly.

Passport Holder

A passport is important when traveling internationally. Baggage check receipts, boarding passes, and other IDs can get stuck on the bottom of your wallet as you start to move from plane to train.

Rather than taking your everyday wallet with you, switch to a passport case. With room for all of your IDs and paperwork, you’ll remain stylish and organized from the moment you leave the house.

Phone Cases

Running for flights, hard floors, and heavy bags - each of these poses a danger to your mobile technology, and that’s just regarding the airport. Because of this, you have to find a strong phone case before booking your next flight.

LifeProof cases

While there is a multitude of shockproof and waterproof cases available, LifeProof cases provide the most protection for Samsung S phones and Apple Devices. First, it protects your device without turning your phone into one of those bricks that’s used for underwater training.

All the headphone jacks and buttons are available and can survive drops over 4 feet. Buy a LifeProof case to increase the durability of your phone and prevent it from accidentally breaking in between flights.

Closing Remarks

Accessories are an important necessity to any traveler. When shopping, find travel accessories that will create a relaxing environment and protects your current equipment. Mainly, these travel accessories will save you hundreds of dollars in the long-run and keep you entertained.

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