Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow Review

Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow Review

Thousands of buyers all agree that Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow is hands down more comfortable to use for sleeping than any other microbead or inflatable travel pillows, and it’s all due to its unique design.

Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow has gone through an extensive research and development process that involves countless tests whose purpose is to ensure that the travel pillow itself can deliver on its promises.

Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow


When you combine research with innovative design, you end up with a travel pillow that will have everyone asking you where you bought it.

Keep reading for a concise review of Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow.

About The Product

Travel pillows usually come in a U-shaped form that has extra padding in the rear area, which can place your head in an uncomfortable position since it'll push your head forward to the point that it will create neck cramps.

Fortunately, the Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow features a backside that isn't full of additional padding but is quite the opposite in build.

With a backside that's flat, the Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow will accommodate headrests for seats on airplanes and cars. You can even lay in bed and efficiently make use of Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow.


  • Made out of Memory Foam
  • Removable Cover
  • ​Machine Washable Cover
  • ​Adheres to Patented Ergonomic Design
  • Comes with Travel Bag & Memory Foam Ear Plugs
  • ​Travel Bag Shrinks to 1/4 of Original Size
  • ​Comes with Phone Pocket
  • Ensures 360 Degree Support
  • Comes with Money Back Guarantee
  • Available in Ten Colors: Gray, Black, Crimson, Shadow, Orange, Red, Blue Tropic Hibiscus, Pink, Cabeau Blue, & Camouflage


Buyers rave about the patented design of Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow since it’s one of the first travel pillows to be constructed with memory foam that is cut in a way that is guaranteed to support your neck without any discomfort.

Regardless of whether your head tends to lean either to the right or left while you sleep on an airplane, Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow will adjust to accommodate any movement. This means you can forget about suddenly waking up in the middle of a flight since Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow will ensure you reach deep sleep.

Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow


Thanks to its flattened rear cushion as well as its responsive memory foam core, Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow will prove to be the ultimate travel pillow to join you on your journey.


  • Soft Plush Cover
  • Easy to Clean
  • ​Unique Design
  • ​Attaches to Your Suitcase for Easy Transportation
  • Ability to Shrink in Size
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • Heavy to Carry
  • Cases of the Sliding Toggle Feature Breaking Off
  • ​Phone Pocket Fits iPhone 4
  • Expensive

Buying Advice

Based on positive buyer reviews, Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow addresses all the issues buyers typically have with standard travel pillows, so users experience the optimal comfort possible in such a cramped space for hours on end.

Where Can I Buy

After comparing the customer satisfaction rates of online retailers the sell Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow, it’s safe to say that Amazon is the winner.

You won't even have to pay the full price of Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow since Amazon offers a discount of about 20% off, which is good news since this is one of the more expensive travel pillows in the market.

Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow


You could buy Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow for under $40, which is a steal compared to how much it would initially cost you if you ordered it from another online vendor.

Final Verdict

This is a go-to travel product that features a build that’s slowly replacing that of the traditional travel pillow. Think about Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow being an updated version of your standard travel pillow, and you won’t think twice about making the purchase.

I would highly recommend buying Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow to make traveling a much more relaxed process that won't stress you out.

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